Sell products on DeliverySTL
Sell products on DeliverySTL

Sell products online – offer same-day delivery!  Perfect for wholesalers and retailers!

DeliverySTL offers two services:

  1. Online Shopping Cart – For wholesalers and retailers!
  2. Same-day Delivery

You have complete control over your price and which items you want to offer online.  We can help manage your online store and arrange same-day delivery.  Or, you can pay a reasonable administrative fee, which can be added to your products, to manage your online store.

We charge a commission, which is negotiable based on your particular situation.  However, we suggest the following:

  • Pay us a 15% commission, which can be added to your products, passing the fee to the consumer.
  • Charge delivery fee to the customer, which is $6.99 for up to three miles, then $1.50 per mile thereafter.

What do you receive:

  • You get an online presence
  • You get FREE digital marketing
  • Get your products on Facebook, Google Shopper, Amazon, eBay, and more
  • Get your business listed on our website
  • Get access to our news site, www.STL.News

Call Marty @ +1 314-808-1870 or email Marty@STLMedia.Agency